Yes we are pretty relaxed but we do have rules:

The Deerfield Lodge property is for our guest use only. Only registered guests are permitted on the grounds and any visiters will be asked to leave. We get it..its can show them your room and boast where you get to hang but then they have to leave. Alcohol consumption on our property is permitted for registared guests 21 and over and we will card anyone we think is under 30.

 We do not have a weight limit on dogs. That is just silly but we do charge $25.00 per stay for your fur babies. All pet owners must clean up after their well socialized pups. You are responsible for your pet, if they are causing a disruption you will be asked to take care of the situation and any damages that have incurred including paying for your neighbors room if they are disturbed. So far this has never happened and you and fluffy do not want to be the first....

There is no smoking in our rooms. Yah Yah its California, we know...outside please and never ever compromise others.

Here is the big no no:

We are a small hotel with limited per person room capacity and subject to South Tahoe room Fire Codes. The Deerfield Lodge had the right to limit a per room person count. Any extra people MUST be pre authorized by THE DEERFIELD management prior to arrival. If we find you have assumed it was ok to bring extra adults and or children we have the right to charge a fee of $100.00 per person per night or may dismiss the guest entirely with no refund and the entire reservation is subject to charge. Sneaking in humans and pets is just wrong, you will be charged for being wrong.

All cancellations are NON-Refundable. You may apply your deposit to a future SAME stay. Spelled out, if you book 2 nights and we charge the first night deposit you can come back with in a year for another two night stay and use your former depsoit for one of the nights. Due to unexpected weather changes that can happen quickly and at any time of the year here in Lake Tahoe, we are unable to consider the weather as a factor when canceling a reservation. Keep in mind rates do change and booking a futur reservation to use your deposit is subjected to any rate increases.

Thank you for considering us for your Tahoe vacation, this is our home. We love seeing our faithful guests and look forward to meeting new ones! Robin and Eric